the professional UAV for large-scale missions

The SB4 Phoenix solar-powered Drone

The SB4 is a fixed wing UAV providing actionable geospatial data collected over extensive areas. It is designed to cover a wide range of large scale missions : precision mapping, photogrammetry, surveying, surveillance, inspection and remote sensing. In just a few clicks, the aerial images are transformed in valuable insights such as georeferenced orthomosaics and 3D models. This insightful knowledge enables managers to make quick and precise data-driven decisions.

3 reasons to choose Sunbirds


10h+ endurance

The SB4 is the professional UAV designed for large areas. Thanks to its unrivalled endurance the SB4 performs ultra long range missions. The SB4 is perfect for large scale mapping where its autonomy provides outstanding coverage capabilities.



The SB4 is the affordable, time-saving solution to collect accurate actionable data. Its unique productivity provides a fast return on investment. The SB4 performs the most challenging missions in one single, simple flight.



Sunbirds is the leader in solar-powered UAVs. Pioneer in this cutting edge technology, Sunbirds has set new endurance standards with the SB4. This unique CleanTech UAV will help you make the difference.


Belvedere, our ground control station software, is one of the most intuitive solution for flight planning and management.

Simply click on the screen or draw a polygon on the map, and the waypoints will automatically be generated based on the GSD (Ground Sampling Distance), the wind direction and overlap you choose.

Define your geofence by setting the vertical and horizontal limits. The Drone will automatically come back if it goes too far.

Monitor all the flight parameters in real-time (battery, solar power, speed etc.) and have an accurate overview of how the flight is executed.

Control the camera and set the overlap in real-time while getting the footprints on the map for a better outlook of the covered area.


2. Automatic Flight

The SB4 is a fully autonomous drone. Simply switch to automatic mode for the take-off, and the solar-powered plane will execute its mission totally autonomously. It is so lightweight that you can launch it with your hand !

During the flight, the solar power is managed without the need of intervention. If the weather is cloudy, the UAV will use the solar cells and the battery at the same time. But in sunshine conditions, you will also be able to recharge the battery in-flight !



3. Collect data

We have selected the best sensors for each of your applications, from mapping to surveillance. Our camera are recognized as standards on the civilian UAV market. The SB4 is designed to integrate the most efficient and lightweight payloads, allowing you to get the best data on large territories without any effort.


Sony RX100 II - 20 MPxl camera

This camera has been adapted so it can be controlled by our autopilot. All the parameters are managed automatically to acquire high definition RGB images.


Sequoia - Multispectral camera

The sequoia camera is a revolution in the UAV industry. It offers a complete and flexible solution. Thanks to its two embedded sensors (multispectral and sunshine), you will get accurate insights for agriculture and forestry applications.


Flir Vue Pro 640 - Thermal camera

Known as the best thermal camera for UAVs and designed for professional use, this payload will add tremendous value to your sUAS operations and services. You can use it for surveillance, vegetation inspection or large infrastructure monitoring (i.e. pipelines)


Sunbirds SB4 Phoenix


  • 1 SB4 phoenix solar powered UAV

  • 1 Ready to use payload

  • 1 Lipo battery

  • 1 Belvedere GCS licence

  • 1 Long range high gain antenna

  • 1 Transport bag

  • 1 Year of warranty

  • Spare parts (screws, propellers, tape)



Technical specifications

Flight mode
Battery Pack

3.5 kg - 7.7 lbs
320cm - 126 in
162 cm - 63.8 in
Assisted / Autonomous
Brushless DC motor & Folding propellers
LiPo 2250Ah 6S 22.2V
By hand
433 Mhz direct link

Flight time
Flying range
Radio link range
Cruise speed
Wind resistance
Default payload
Flight coverage

All day long*
Up to 290 km
Up to 30 km - 18.6 mi
40km/h - 11.1m/s
40km/h - 11.1 m/s
Sony RX100 II 20Mpxl Camera
Down to 1 cm - 0.4 in per pixel
2000ha 150m AGL - 3.8 cm GSD - 60% overlap

*Depending on sunlight conditions

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